Vehicle Restoration

While most driving teams are consist of all adults, some bring along a junior driver for a number of different reasons. The junior member is usually an apprentice of sorts to the team, there to learn the basics as well as provide assistance as needed. For racing events that specialize in restored cars such a position is mandatory in order to ensure that the next generation finds a love for old cars. Of course, if the apprentice is young enough, then it may be necessary to look into young drivers car insurance, especially if the junior member is to be handling the car and positioning it in any capacity. 

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There are a number of different positions that such an apprentice can fill. The most obvious is that of mechanic's apprentice, where the junior member learns how some of the older systems work and how to repair them. This can make for an interesting education in and of itself given the difference in technology levels between modern vehicles and older cars. However, a restorer must learn the various parts and where to find them as quickly as possible in order to make sure that the vehicle is up and running before the event itself.

It is worth noting that some teams will be restoring vehicles even during the event itself, sometimes a necessity given how difficult some parts are to find. The racing event itself becomes an opportunity to find the parts needed, and some racing events turn into swap meets between various teams. Some teams actually bring any of their spare parts even if the event does not have an official trading session as both a way to find needed parts and as an excuse t meet other teams. While it is easy to check out other teams through other methods, part exchanges is a time-honored way of meeting new friends.

In some cases the junior member may even be the driver. In some cases the youngest member may be recruited as a driver in order to further cement his connection to the vehicles in question. Given the faster reflexes and recklessness of youth this is usually a good match, but it does mean that the team must purchase some form of young drivers car insurance. Fortunately it can be purchased for an event, and rather cheaply, but it must be purchased before the event. Nonetheless, racing an older car that he had a hand in restoring is a great way to inspire love in a vehicle.

The junior member of a restoration team is usually seen as a position of honor of sorts, even though the boy may not treat it as such. It is nonetheless a great way to build some memories, as well as some basic maintenance skills. There are some great memories built this way, and the older members are bound to be on the continual cusp of patience and anger, making for an interesting weekend for all involved. There are few rites of passage that are more fun, and it is always an experience worth having.